KIOSK OF RECIPROCITY | Milano Design Week 2024 – Fuori Salone

Milano Design Week 2024 – Fuori Salone

Edited by: Collective Works , ConstructLab and Temporiuso
In collaboration with: BRICHECO social carpentry

The Kiosk of Reciprocity is a mobile device to promote Convivial Ground and collaborative welfare, in Milan. It will be inaugurated at Stecca3, Via De Castillia 26 during the Milan Design Week 2024, and will be able to move and activate a proximity economy in other socio-cultural hybrid spaces and neighbourhood.
How is an independent sociocultural space sustainable today? What self-organized services are offered to a neighborhood? What type of Economy of Proximity?

The Kiosk of Reciprocity is a solidarity economy device, food and drinks (the “birrette”) contribute to the support of socio-cultural activities. The kiosk is a cart, a modular cargo-bike that can move around the city, in the different neighborhoods to support the economy of other hybrid spaces and promote conviviality in public spaces. The proximity kiosk for hybrid spaces in Milan is the sister of the Kiosk of Solidarity, created in Berlin by Constructlab to give space in a convivial way to the debate on inequalities and new forms of living, fragility, conflicts and new alliances in urban transformations. Come and chat at the kiosk!


The project is part of:
“CRAFTING DIALOGUES. Public meetings, design exhibitions and installations to bring handicraft, stories and knowledge into dialogue.”
Stecca3 public program for Milano Design Week 2024 – Fuori Salone

Edited by:
Stecca3, spazio ibrido socioculturale_ promoter
Collective Works _ Peter Zuiderwijk, Karin Mientjes
ConstructLab_ Patrik Hubmann, Alex Römer
Temporiuso_ Isabella Inti, Giulia Cantaluppi, Francesca Tridello, Ziyi Li
In collaboration with: BRICHECO falegnameria sociale _ Lidia Pezzoli, Claudio Pignatta

With the support of: Stimuleringsfonds

Thanks to: Cecilia_+bc ciclofficina stecca, lo chef Cesare_restaurant Ratanà, the hybrid space network of Milan.




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