Landworks Sardinia 16 | (W)here is Masua?

(LW) Landworks Sardinia 2016 is an international interdisciplinary workshop. Along side some of the world’s leading landscape architects, environmental designers and artists, students explore, design and ultimately realize site-specific ephemeral installations inside Sardinia’s Mediterranean landscape.

(W)here is Masua? project is asking us where it begins and where it ends Masua? Who lives there? What is its history? What future could have the village, the mining plant and the bay?

photo courtesy: left Filippo Romano 2016 | right Associazione VerdeAzzurro

team leader Isabella Inti (I), tutor Carlo Amadori (I), participants Marta Andrei (I), Anais Charlier (F), Itzama Espejel (MEX), Svenja Feles (D),Emma Gaal (AU), Zaid Nasr (LB), Joanna Thomas (USA)

LW.M1_ Masua QRCode Map . The first goal is to give awareness on the unit landscape between the mountains and the sea of old Masua settlement (ghost town today), the Masua flotation plant and the bay of Masua Beach. Today, these three places are separated by barriers, prohibitions, supposed problems of mountain landslides. a QRcode with a map makes it possible to recognize the buildings and to know more of their history.

LW. M2_ Masua belvedere. We discovered that a former water silos can become with benches and mediterranean plant a viewpoint/belvedere where to look Masua village, the flotation plant and at the horizon Pan di zucchero tall rock. A place to rest, take a picnic and kissing at sunset.

We tanks: Ente Foreste Regione Sardegna for the plants, the Priest of Nebida for the curch benches

LW.M3_Giorgio’s path. In the future could we join the village of Masua, the flotation plant and the beach? Upon a time this was the normal path of the inhabitants. Like Giorgio “Sono nato a Masua e son vissuto qui fino ai 16 anni. Nell’infanzia venivo a scuola dalla mia casa sulla spiaggia fino a qui in collina, passando dalla miniera. Ci mettevo circa 5 minuti

/“I was born in Masua and I was living here since 16 years old. In my childhood, I used to go to school up to the hill of Old Masua from my beach home. I used to walk through the Masua flotation plant and I could cross all the village in 5 minutes“

booklet (W)here is Masua? project , download here LW. Masua def4.6.16S

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