Amsterdam public debate

3rd March | 8 P.M.

Politiek debat n.a.v. voorstel van maatschappelijke initiatieven tegen leegstand/ Il dibattito politico sulla proposta di riuso di spazi vacanti per iniziative sociali ad Amsterdam 

Amsterdam and other European cities such as Milan has hundreds of spaces abandoned and underutilized areas, whether publicly or privately owned. For over 10 years Amsterdam is also at the forefront of public policy reuse incubator of creativity (Bureau Broedplaatsen), which made ​​it possible to re-use abandoned spaces for cultural projects and activities. But empty places are still too many, as in Milan. To the threshold of the the local elections a public debate to think about public policy of reuse for social purposes, on free loan or rent control. Isabella Inti and Giulia Cantaluppi of from Milan, were invited to discuss about it by Urban Resort. | informations

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